Nissan Fuga

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Fuga (Japanese: 日産・フーガ) is a full-size luxury car from Nissan of Japan, introduced in October 2004. First shown as the Fuga Concept at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show, it is a replacement for the long running Nissan Cedric and Nissan Gloria series of cars. With the cessation of production of Nissan Cima and Nissan President in 2010, Fuga becomes the top model offered by Nissan. The name of the vehicle was inspired by the fugue, a composition musical form. The name Fuga was chosen to suggest that the long, storied histories of the Cedric, Gloria, Cima, and President are being combined into a new vehicle that continues to provide the prestige and heritage of those vehicles.

Nissan Fuga @ 2009 Tokyo Auto Show

Luxury Driving Interior Nissan Fuga

Nissan Fuga Concept Image

Nissan Fuga Performance

The Fuga's primary competitor from Toyota is the Toyota Crown Athlete Series, but also competes with the Lexus GS. The Fuga at its introduction was one level below the Nissan Cima, which is 2" longer